Early Diabetes Detection and Prevention

Detect Type 2 diabetes before it manifests!

The onset of type 2 diabetes can now be detected up to 24 months prior to having any symptoms. Taking steps to prevent the disease from manifesting in the first place, will be the best and only way to curb this worldwide epidemic.
Since 2009, Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Pfuetzner, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer of insulinNG LLC, has successfully completed hundreds of clinical studies regarding the early detection of diabetes.


Detect Diabetes Before It Starts
Diabetes Early Detection with PreDiabetesCare POCT Test

First Early Detection Of Diabetes

Designed for easy home use

Point-of-care testing (POCT), or bed-side testing is defined as medical testing at or near site of patient care. These are simple medical blood tests, which can be performed at home.


Future Diabetes Projection

Diabetes is causing a rapid increase in costs for the U.S. Health Care System!

In 2001 the number of Americans diagnosed with diabetes was projected to increase 165%, from 11 million in 2000 (prevalence of 4.0%) to 29 million by 2050 (prevalence of 7.2%). Source: NHIS, Boyle et al., Diabetes Care 2001. In an updated review in 2007 by the same group, this number was revised to 37.9 million by 2020. In 2007, the burden to the US community had reached a level of more than $174 billion per year.


Future of Diabetes
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insulinNG LLC is focused on delivering global diagnostic and personal care solutions, which will enable the individualized treatment optimization for a variety of disease indications, starting with diabetes mellitus and later cardiovascular diseases.