About us

insulinNG LLC was founded in 2015 with Headquarters in Southwest Florida.
We launched a unique Point Of Care Test: a medical device with early risk assessment for diabetes type 2.

The insulinNG™ PREDiabetesCare Rapid Test is a sensitive test for the determination of an elevated proinsulin value in the human capillary blood. The insulinNG™ PREDiabetesCare test is for self-testing as well as for professional use (doctors, pharmacies, and clinics) to measure the function of the pancreas and to provide a proof for an existing insulin resistance and may aid in diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes mellitus and macrovascular disease resulting from pancreas malfunction. As a result, the risk can be estimated for diabetes development and can be reduced by appropriate countermeasures.

The founders have completed all preliminary steps to enter the market. From the design, manufacturability, and engineering to the prototype, launch, and full production.

Our primary goal is customer satisfaction. Keeping with this philosophy, we have successfully performed many clinical and scientific projects at our research diabetes labs in Europe.

The global pharmaceutical and life sciences team provides a specialized range of innovative pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical products and services with market-leading regulatory and legal knowledge combined with a highly commerce-oriented business approach. With capabilities across the United States, Canada, Latin America and EMEA, we can provide integrated advice on both domestic and cross-border matters for our products and R&D results.

Clients include innovative pharmaceutical companies, distributors, medical laboratories and office-based physicians. We support all aspects of the pharmaceutical product lifecycle – from innovation, development, commercialization and exploitation, through a contentious interaction with regulatory authorities in the US and EMEA.