Future Projection for the Diabetes Population and Related Costs for the U.S.

Diabetes: Population and Related Costs for the U.S.

Diabetes is Causing a Rapid Increase in Costs for the U.S. Health Care System! 

In 2001 the number of Americans diagnosed with diabetes was projected to increase 165%, from 11 million in 2000 (prevalence of 4.0%) to 29 million by 2050 (prevalence of 7.2%). Source: NHIS, Boyle et al., Diabetes Care 2001. In an updated review in 2007 by the same group, this number was revised to 37.9 million by 2020. In 2007, the burden to the US community had reached a level of more than $174 billion per year. Source: Boyle et al., Helth Metrics, 2010.

New studies by Elbert S. Huang, MD MPD, University of Chicago, in cooperation with the insulin manufacturer, Novo Nordisk, projects that between 2009 and 2034, the number of people with diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes will increase from 23.7 million to 44.1 million. 65% of the population is projected to be overweight or obese with the same percentage of population without diabetes remaining the same.  During that same period, annual diabetes related spending is expected to increase from $113 billion to $336 billion (2007 dollars). For the Medicare eligible population, the diabetes population is expected to rise from 8.2 million in 2009 to 14.6 million by 2034; associated spending is estimated to rise from $45 billion to $171 billion.