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The role of medical devices in healthcare is essential. The diversity and innovativeness of this industry contribute significantly to enhance the quality and efficiency of healthcare.

Here we will inform you about the latest news of our company and all related information regarding Type 2 diabetes and prevention.

More than half of all Americans are pre-diabetic

It is very alarming that the International Diabetes Federation, has classified the US as the region with the highest morbidity rate from diabetes. What's really scary is that about 50% of all US citizens are pre-diabetic and they don't even know it!

To fight against this major global disease, insulinNG has come out with the world's first Point-of-Care Test (POCT), for early detection of Type 2 Diabetes. Available soon, our new, PreDiabetes Point-of-Care Test is designed for easy home use, to help assess your individual risk for Type 2 Diabetes and other macrovascular diseases.

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Venture Pitch SWFL March 11, 2015

Before an assembled crowd of entrepreneurs and angel and venture investors, InsulinNG was selected as the first-place winner of the VenturePitch SWFL event that took place on March 11, 2015 at SilverSpot Cinema in Naples Florida. InsulinNG is bringing to market in September 2015, a breakthrough new product in the fight against diabetes, a disease that is growing in epidemic proportions across the U.S. and the World.

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