Innovation - Biomarker Assessment

Are you one step away being a Type 2 Diabetes Patient ?

The InsulinNG PreDiabetesCare Rapit Test measures the amount of intact proinsulin in the body and more specifically, increases to it. Increases compared to the normal value are recognized immediately, resulting in a test at such an early stage that the patient can take preventative measures.

The human proinsulin drug is produced during the interaction of enzymes to produce more insulin for the body. The pancreas produces proinsulin. Before you have diabetes, the pancreas releases increased amounts of proinsulin. Proinsulin increase coincides with insulin resistance. During this time the pancreas must work harder and burn faster, which marks the start of diabetes.

The ß-cells (or Beta-cells) of the pancreas produce the insulin. Mutations in the genes responsible for production and secretion of insulin in these cells are the basis for the hereditary nature of the disease. Eventually, a diabetes gene carrier’s ß-cells start to deliver insulin at inappropriate times (timing secretion disorder) and they have to produce much more insulin to maintain glucose at a normal level (quantitative secretion disorder).