InsulinNG Point of Care Self Test

Check yourself before diabetes starts !

Proinsulin is cleaved by enzymes to finally procduce the insulin that is needed by the body. Proinsulin is produced by the pancreas. Before you have diabetes, the pancreas releases increased amounts of proinsulin.

This means that it works harder and burns by a further increase. When that happens, diabetes begins. The insulinNG™ POCT (US-FDA approved) measures the amount of proinsulin in the body. Increases compared to the normal value are recognized immediately. Thus, the patient still has no diabetes, and the patient can be helped.

The ß-cells (or Beta-cells) of the pancreas produce the insulin. It is understood that mutations in the genes responsible for production and secretion of insulin in these cells are the basis for the hereditary of the disease. Sooner or later in life of a diabetes gene carrier, the ß-cells do not start to deliver the insulin with the right timing (timing secretion disorder), and they have to produce much more insulin to maintain the glucose at a sustainable level (quantitative secretion disorder).

At a later stage, the production is not complete, and the cells deliver a precursor protein (proinsulin) instead of the mature insulin molecule. Therefore, determination of elevated intact proinsulin is an indicator of a severe secretion disorder. A decrease in intact proinsulin during a treatment intervention shows that the treatment has a positive impact on the disease development.